Our beautiful red cedar and spruce pine shakes can be used for many different home projects. Our shakes are thicker then most national brands, looking better.

No matter the Cedar Shake size, one box of cedar shakes will cover approx. 33.5 square feet with a 7.5" exposure. Our shakes come in a #1 and #2 graded mix. We only offer 1 size per box. 6" inch Shakes are boxed in 100 pieces. 3 Boxes of cedar shakes should be ordered for every 100 square feet of desired coverage.

We also offer Spruce Pine Shakes in Round, Octagon and Rectangular shapes. See actual size chart in left hand column. We only offer 1 size per box. 6" shakes are boxed in 109 Pieces, covering approx. 33.5 square feet with a 7.5" exposure. Coverage is dependant on the amount of lap and starter shakes used. Our Shakes are approx 1/8' tapering to 7/16' thick, with a length of 17 3/4"

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These photos represent our types of cedar shakes:

6x18 Octagon Shakeoctagon cedar shake 6x18 Round Shakerounded cedar shake Rectangle Shakerectangle cedar shake

Assorted Pine Shakes

Spruce Pine shake

Cedar Shake Siding

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Length: 18" - Thickness: Approx. 7/16" - Width: Various

Don't Forget the Rough Cut Trim!

Red Cedar Shakes
Don't forget your Starter Row! (see bottom row of picture above.)

Illustration above is an example of 26 installed pieces with a 7.5" Exposure.

Cedar Actual Sizes:
4' = 4" X 17 3/4" | 6" = 6" X 17 3/4" | 8" = 8" X 17 3/4"

Pine Actual Sizes:
4" = 3 1/2" X 17 3/4" | 6" = 5 1/2" X 17 3/4" | 8" = 7 1/4" X 17 3/4"

We are one of the only Cedar Shake Manufacturers offering the same width of shakes in each box. Saving you time and money, while still creating that custom look

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Our building materials can be used for interiors and exteriors or any other type of construction jobs.
Use as Siding, Paneling, Flooring, and more!

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